Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why Weight Watchers?

Some people are wondering why I chose to follow WW plan?
- It's simple!

How it all started?
- I always wanted to lose weight, after I gave birth to my healthy, happy and beautiful, baby girl on September, 2008. I've tried South Beach, and honestly it worked for two weeks. I lost 15 lbs when I first started, and was good until I lost 20, but then, we had a family dinner, and I gained it all back. That is a very simple answer to my question 'Why I gained it all back?' - I gained because it's not healthy. It does not work for me! But on the other hand, everything that doesn't work for me, doesn't mean that it won't work for someone else. Our bodies are reacting differently to different things.

My decision:
- As I was surfing online to find out more about diets and weight loss, I came across the WW diet. I started it right away. I was so thrilled and excited about it. I could eat sweets, pasta and bread (that are my weaknesses). I cannot do without sweets nor pasta. So first week I was eating constantly, was always satisfied with my food, and enjoyed it very much. I lost 4.6 lbs. I was so happy. Everyone (family and friends) found out about it. Later I stopped. Every time I go visit my family, I eat a lot, and cannot control myself. My mom always cooks a lot, and therefore if I don't grab something from the table, among all the great foods she prepared, she gets upset and thinks I don't like it. So this is how I lost control of my WW. So last night, we had my sister in law, my mother in law (who's by the way more like my own mother :D ), and the rest of our gang (family) for dinner, and somehow my sister-in-law and I started to talk about WW and other diets. We both want to lose weight. She not so much- only 20lbs, but me, I have to lose plenty! Since I was a member of WW and know how this works I will be posting my daily meals with total points, and every other food I discover that is low with points. WW seems to me that is a very healthy way of living and losing my weight. And that is something I'm looking for. I need to eat everything I love, and control my body and hunger. I need to be able to live healthy and share it with others.

My Goal:
- I have so many goals. But most importantly is to lose my weight in a healthy way and keep it off. Eating healthy would mean that I am giving a great gift to my family. Especially my child who's growing up so fast, and therefore I have to watch what she eats. We don't realize how important is our health and wellness until we are parents and have bigger priorities and responsibilities.

So, here I am at the beginning of my journey and I hope that I will motivate myself, as well as everyone else, and be able to lose the weight and keep it off. Join me to a healthier 'ME'!

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