Sunday, May 31, 2009

Great 1 Point bread...

Yesterday when I was at the local grocery store to buy couple of things for our BBQ dinner with Hubby's family, I grabbed a pack of Pitettes Whole Wheat Pita bread and a bag of Sandwich Pocket (pita bread as well), both whole wheat (picture below). Without even thinking about to look at the chart on the back to see how many calories, or to calculate my points I realized 'How bad can it be? It's whole wheat! Right?' ...
Since I started my diet today I took my pita breads and decided to calculate, and see how many points is each of them... Believe it or not, they are both, 1 Point of each.

Here are the pictures posted for all my WW people, so you guys know what to look for at your local grocery stores.
My daily log is about to be uploaded!

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