Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day #1

It was a great day overall. I enjoyed and loved it. It was not hard, and on top of that I was satisfied with my food, not hungry at all.

For breakfast I enjoyed this beautiful plate full of great and healthy foods. Egg boiled (2 points), Small pita bread (1 point), couple of slices of tomato and cucumber (0 points), some fried pepers (fried them in a pan with one table spoon of olive oil). Breakfast total = 3 points! But trust me when I say, I was satisfied, happy and full! Later as a first snack, I had an orange - 1 point!

Lunch was amazing. I grilled few chicken breast for me and hubby. We love and enjoy grilled food. It's healthy, tastes good, and perfect for our diet. This is the plate of my lunch :

I had two pita bread (whole wheat) sandwich pockets (2 points), I had one carrot (1 point), I had one grilled chicken breast sliced (3 points), some lettuce salad (0 points), few cucumber slices (0 points), few slices of onion (0 points). My lunch was total of 6 points today! I didn't have a snack because of the following reason:

Since it was a great and beautiful day, I decided to take my daughter out to our local park. I took her diaper back with me, just in case, her stroller and my dinner. The reason I took my dinner with me was because I knew that I don't want to eat anything after 6 pm, but in worse case scenerio 6.30 pm. So I opened the container and started eating while I was driving. I decided to not eat anything after 6 pm, because I'm plan on going early to bed. I created this beautiful colorful fruit salad, and put it in a plastic container.

So this is what my dinner calculation looks like: I had two apples (2 points), two peaches (2 points), 1 kiwi (1 point), 3 strawberries sliced (0 points). My lunch was total of 5 points. But honestly I loved it.

- I had 5 L of water today.
- 1 Cup of coffee (in the morning)
- 2 Cups of Green Tea
(There will be a post just about this subject)
- 1 glass of cold Arizona Diet Green Tea with a leaf of Mint, that my mother-in-law planted on my balcony. (See the picture of the glass with my cold tea & leaf of mint).

Before I finish this post I need to also share my work-out experience. I took my daughter to our local park (as mentioned before) and I put her in her stroller, and I was ready. As I was standing there I had to make up my mind and either take a right road or left. So I chose the left road. And let me tell you, I am so soar now. I walked and jogged for 30 minutes, up and down the hill. I had no clue (this area is new to me, because we just moved to this area few months ago) that this park has hills. I was sweating, she was screaming as letting me know that she was happy and enjoying it. At the end I couldn't feel my legs. I was so soar. I came home and took a shower, and now ready to enjoy my glass of cold ARizona Diet Green Tea with a leaf of Mint inside, on my balcony, while my little angel is asleep. I also have some homework to do, but that won't take more than 1 hour of my time.

Here is a picture of my biggest and most beautiful motivation there can be. This is my daughter, the love of my life! She still looks a little sick from the cold she's been having for the past few days, but still her smile makes me being capable of accomplishing just about anything!

P.S. Tomorrow I will be walking and jogging again with her, and hopefully my hubby will join us. He said he will try, so I am really hoping and looking forward to it!

Have a great night everyone,


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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Congrats on starting WW. I look forward to seeing your meals and hearing your results.