Monday, June 1, 2009

Day #2

Today was another good day. Diet was great. I had some great food, with pictures of course, to share with yall. H's day was ok with a diet. He was not too happy with his food, but honestly he's not complaining. So, that means, we both did good.

I always believe that Breakfast has to be a good size porition, with good foods in my plate. So my breakfast looked like this:

- 1 glass of 2% organic milk (2 points)
- 1 Pita bread pocket (1 point)
- Few cucumber slices (1 point)
- Scrambled egg (2 points)
- 1/2 teaspoon of WW spread cheese - loveee it! (0.50 point)
- Some fried bell peppers from yesterday - left over- (0 pionts)
My Total Breakfast points = 6.5

Later I enjoyed my cup of Green Tea... Just loving it! I read so many good things about this delicisous tea, and I decided to have a cup of Green tea in the morning instaed of my coffee. G.T. does have caffain but hoenstly much less than coffee. I cannot complain. I am trying to give up coffee completly. Being and European, who loves chocolate and coffee, I have to take my hands off of these good addictive stuff I enjoy and loveeee!
As my first snack I enjoyed this Fiber One Strawberry Yogurt that only has 1 point, based on the calculations, from the chart in the back of the yogurt! Awsome! I love it, and I can eat it daily!

Then lunch was knocking on my door, and I was craving some pasta with shrimps and veggies. So this is what I have done- boiled 2 cups of whole wheat pasta (with a little salt, water and a tea spoonof olive oil), and in the other pan I fried 1 onion (1 point), 1 tomato (0 points), total of 1 bell pepper (differnt colors) (0 points), and then added some shrips that were on sale at Walmart, and based on the chart in the back of the bag, it had 10 of them 2 point. When pasta was done, I sprayed it with cooking spray, 0 points and 0 calories, and poured some Shrimps and Veggies on top of it. Since this was too much food for me, I split this meal into two, early dinner, before 5.30 pm, and lunch. So my lunch had 4.5 points, and my dinner had 4.5 points. This is what it looked like...Can you say no to it? :) I know this is so little with points, but honestly I was so full and couldn't eat more than this today!

I didn't have any other snacks, except another cup of GT and lots of water. I had 4L of water today!

Also, I plan to go up and down the stairs and hill for 30 minutes. That should be it for today! :)

Honestly I feel so good, and light, and proud of myself!

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